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From the Duomo Di Milano and the Galleria Vittorio to the Sforzesco castle, there are so many things to do in Milan. Milan is seen as the fashion hub of the country, while it is also now seen as the business hub of the country as well, having more skyscrapers than any other city in Italy. Of course, if you’re travelling around a little, here is a complete list of things to do in Italy. Considering the close proximity to the Christian religion, it is unsurprising that you will find the ‘last supper’ painting in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. An interesting food option you might not expect in Italy is found in Milan, with a third of the Filipino population outside of their country being based in Milan. Don’t ask me why, all I can say is this means you can find some great alternative restaurants if you feel like something different to pizza and pasta. If you’ve never been before then you should be aware of aperitivo, where they offer free food in cafes if you buy a drink, between 7am and 9pm. This is because they make a lot more money from sales of drinks, therefore this is a great way to increase the amount people spend on alcohol in their bars and cafes. It’s also great for you as you can enjoy a good snack with your drink and prevent yourself from getting too tipsy.