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The Canary Islands have always been a popular tourist destination, especially for us Brits, while Tenerife is the largest of the group. With 5 million tourists visiting each year, the travel industry is huge to the island. Of course, it became a legendary location in the UK for people who watched Take Me Out, where it was revealed to host the hotel on the Isle of Fernando. I have also written up a comprehensive list of things to do in Spain in case you plan on visiting the mainland and travelling around a little. Plus, if you make the short journey over, you might also want to read my list of things to do in Gran Canaria. I love anywhere that has a waterpark, therefore I will be forever jealous of you if you manage to visit Siam park, a brilliant Thai themed adventure water park. There is also a great zoo, which is perfect for families and day activities. Alternatively, if you want to see some scenery, you could do a lot worse than visiting Teide National Park. If you notice the flag and feel a little confused, don’t worry, it is the exact same as Scotland. This is actually because St Andrew is the patron saint of Tenerife. Considering the volcanic nature on the island, most of the beaches are actually man made, so as to appear more attractive to visitors.