I’m not the biggest fan of Bangkok if I’m completely honest, with the list of things to do being completed within 5 minutes. However if you happen to be in the city, even if just for one day, I’d recommend staying in one of the more premium hotels and upgrading to the highest level.

It honestly costs the same as a holiday Inn or Travelodge back home, therefore it won’t completely break the bank, yet the experience you will have is mind-blowing.


The Breakfast

There are two options for breakfast. Most people will use the buffet on the seventh floor, which was giant but was a bit busy and intense. If you’ve paid for the premium level however, you have a separate floor, where someone will come over and serve you instantly. Each day I opted for steak and eggs, which was cooked to perfection, while they also had a small buffet of unbelievably tasty food.

The views of the city are phenomenal, however I did have to battle my fear of heights quite a lot.


The Room

Easily the most impressive part of the stay, I have never been in a hotel room like this. From the giant windows showing views of the park, to the electric curtains, it had simply everything.

The bed was a king size, while when me and Raquel lay on it, we couldn’t reach each other with outstretched arms.

The bath tub was something I’ve always wanted, one big enough for two people to comfortably fit in. I definitely need to buy one of these once I get a home of my own.

Even the shower seemed ridiculous oversized, with room for the entire cast of Blazing Squad. Not that we’d want them in there, in fact the hotel would probably receive a letter of complaint, but anywho.

Even the minor extra’s highlighted that we were staying somewhere special. They had a draw with all the toiletries you could possible need, such as a comb, tooth paste and tooth brush, a razor, shaving cream etc. The coffee was a proper machine rather than a basic sachet, however it only made espresso, which I’m not a fan of (I like mine proper milky please).


Cocktails & Snacks

In the afternoon, the hotel set out a large number of snacks and small meals for you to help yourself to from the executive lounge. This included shepherd’s pie, green curry, fruit juices, yogurts, fruit and a stupidly large amount of cakes. It was made even more special that they had black forest gateau on my birthday, my favourite cake.

They then offered all the cocktails we wanted for free between 5-7pm, making the night’s a little blurry, but oh so tasty.


Sky Bar

We didn’t stay at the rooftop bar for very long, but we did want to have a quick cocktail there just to take in the view. It was breath-taking, however the prices of drinks are a little bit steep. This is unsurprising considering the location, however as they are so cheap on the ground floor, you don’t want to stay up there for too long.

Unfortunately my camera didn’t do the view justice, but I hope it helps to exemplify the site you would have.


Would I Stay Again?

Yes, 100% yes! I can’t recommend this hotel high enough, but I would say it was special because we had the premium level, I can’t promise it would have been just as good on the basic level, so I’d say push the boat out and get the full service, you won’t regret it! You only live once, you’ve earnt it, and all those other sayings to push yourself into splashing the cash.

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