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While the vast majority of the time I like to write about amazing destinations you should visit and things to do before you die, however I also like to offer general advice and guidance. This could be advice on how to book a first class flight or it could be motivation to quit your job and go travelling. Beyond travel blogging for close to a decade, I’ve also worked in the travel industry quite extensively, for multiple brands and it has always been a key focus for my career. Another good side to blogging is the chance to meet and speak with embassies, airlines, tour operators etc, so you can get quite a varied view of the industry from multiple angles. I would strongly recommend attending a few conferences to anyone who is looking to enter the travel industry, such as Traverse or WTM. These offer you the chance to meet other travel bloggers, listen to talks and meet brands you can work with or learn from. As always, with any tips I give, I have provided them to help you on your journeys, so I do hope they are useful, but if you feel any article needs updating then don’t hesitate to get in contact. I try to revisit old articles, but it can be quite time consuming!