I love a random experience. Whether it’s an immersive role-playing escape room or a hilarious bottomless brunch, I’m always eager to find the latest and greatest experiences in the UK.

Since we’re saving to get married in 2025, we’re slightly limited to staycations more recently, therefore a fun domestic experience sounds perfect.

Immersive Experiences


I recently heard about the unbelievable BB Earth Experience, where you get to walk inside a David Attenborough wonderland, which just sounds incredible. The price is pretty hefty at £32.50, considering it lasts an hour, but it certainly is tempting for me.

I’ve loved trying out immersive experiences, such as the Alcotraz bar in Brighton, where you got to roleplay a cocktail swigging prisoner in your cell, which would be great for a Brighton birthday party.

A Peaky Pistols experience started becoming popular last year, as did the Avora New World Cocktail Experience in London, both of which I still have to try. There also seems to be a growing number of Crystal Maze experiences, the buzz for that show just never disappeared.

Inflatable Assault Course


These have always appealed to me, as a brilliant activity to do with your friends, whether for a birthday or a random weekend away.

They largely stemmed from TV show’s, such as It’s A Knockout and Total Wipeout, while Ninja Warrior also led to a few hilarious assault courses being setup.

They’re always run with a bit of a silly angle, so you don’t have to worry about scores and how you do, just go out there with a smile and try not to get injured!

If you want something a bit more low-key, then West Country Games, Welsh Games or the Highland Games are all brilliant alternatives, inevitably located in related areas of the country. These have silly activities, without as many potential injuries as say the Total Wipeout course, which looks pretty intense.

Activity Bars


Ever since visiting the World’s End pub in Brighton, which has an upstairs arcade including a 16 person racing game, I’ve been hooked to activity bars, allowing you to enjoy a pint with friends while living out childhood dreams of playing unlimited games with an adults wallet.

We’re now starting to see these bars pop up all over the country. There is Sixes cricket bar in Brighton, the NQ64 arcade bar with all those classic games, as well as the Carnival Carnage Funfair bars opening up.

Historically, games in pubs were limited to darts and pool, but I’ve also noticed a number of bars introducing their own escape rooms, VR headset games and ping pong tables.

The days of a relaxing pint down the local seem a long way gone, pubs are realising they have to diversify if they want to stay open and I’m loving the initiative shown by some.

New Skill Or Game


I’ve recently been trying to sign up to archery. I’m not sure why, but it fascinates me and I’d love to learn a new skill. I’ve also recently taken golf classes on a driving range to learn the techniques as I’d never played before.

There is something absolutely thrilling about learning a new experience. It’s a whole world you weren’t aware of before and you may find a hidden passion. So whether it’s having a flutter at any of the blackjack casinos in the UK or a game of bubble football, it’s worth putting yourself out there and trying something new.

Afternoon Tea On A Bus

afternoon tea bus brighton

Admittedly, this one confused me on paper. I was trying to work out how I’d avoid spilling coffee all down me, but you’re given sealed cups with straws, to avoid the spillage.

Nothing beats those finger sandwiches and cakes, while you can combine it with a tour of the city you’re in, whether that’s Brighton, London, Edinburgh or Glasgow.

We tried an afternoon tea bus along the coastline when it was a relatively new concept, however they have been opening up across the country over the past 12 months, meaning you may have a more local option available.

Even better if they include prosecco! This is a brilliant option for birthdays, weekends with family and friends or even a small hen party.

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