You get to the airport, check-in your big suitcase, then you arrive at security only to find a big bottle of sun tan lotion in your hand luggage, to be taken away by airport security.

This was a memory from when I was 14 and how devastated my mum was when the entire holidays worth of sun tan lotion was taken away, which does cost a pretty penny.

However, we’re on the periphery of this all changing. No longer we’ll we have to take out our liquids from our hand luggage when we reach security. No longer will we only be allowed miniature bottles.

Why Is The Rule Changing?

There are new 3D scanners and enhanced X-ray machines, the C3-Standard Explosive Detection System Cabin Baggage (EDS-CB), which screens the baggage to detect any presence of explosive materials.

3D layered images have been created by the HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX in Heathrow since 2019, so much of this technology is far from new, but they’ve been patient in ensuring the technology properly works before making the switch.

What Does This Mean For Us?

  • You will no longer have to take your laptop or battery packs out of your baggage
  • You will no longer be limited to 100ml liquids in your bags
  • You will no longer have to remove liquids from your baggage
  • Due to the reduction in tasks at security, it means this process will be much more speedy and efficient
  • Goodbye to those clear plastic bags, which is good for the environment
  • The initial max you could bring was 1 litre, being 10 x 100ml bottles, which will no longer be the case

When Will This Change Take Place?

The date was set for the change to take place in June 2024, with major airports in the UK installing these devices in Heathrow, Stansted, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Manchester.

This was all announced in December 2022, however the June target was a loosely set date and there are rumours it might be delayed till the end of the summer or potentially next year.

The smaller airports in the country have managed to get these in place ready for June, some even testing it right now, but Heathrow and Gatwick look most likely to push it back until 2025.

I would recommend checking with the airport you’re flying from what the rule is before flying if you’re heading off this summer, but it might be worth sticking with the old rule to avoid disappointment or items being taken away.

Also, not every airport around the world is getting this organised at the same pace, so some may already have this installed and others may not, so be aware of this for the flight back home.

Madrid Barajas and Barcelona El-Prat are hoping to launch this technology in the summer, whereas other airports in Spain are pushing back until 2025. Paris Orly Airport has actually been testing out the scanner technology since October with positive results.

How Much Liquid Would I Be Allowed?

From what I’ve read, the rule will change to 2 litres per bottle rather than 100ml, while your total limit will change from 1 litre to 2 litres. Personally, I’m not sure why you would need any limit.

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