The Best Travel Blogs In The World

As a user of SearchMetrics, I thought it would be interesting to create a database highlighting the most successful travel blogs in the world, according to SearchMetrics data. Just to quickly explain, the score is based on SEO Visibility, which is based on a large selection of keywords (believed to be in the millions), where you rank for these key terms and how much search volume these terms gain each month. With this data in hand, each site is given a score, which can be seen below. If you would like your site to be added to the list, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

At the time of writing, the latest data is for the 25th September 2014. Obviously, with a blog schedule in place, this won’t go out until mid October, so I apologise as many sites SEO visibility score will be different by the time of posting, but, tough luck! Thousands of travel blogs don’t have a score on SearchMetrics due to them not holding high enough rankings, so simply to make it onto this list is an absolute achievement, regardless of their scores.


Boarding Area – 7,899 (USA) – 6,733 (USA)

Atlas Obscura – 6,123 (USA)

Seat 61 – 5,771 (UK)

nomadic Matt – 3,403 (USA)

Cranky Flier – 2,388 (Germany)

Travel Fish – 1,488 (UK)

Johnny Jet – 709 (USA)

Wandering Earl – 338 (USA)

A Luxury Travel Blog – 274 (UK)

Spaghetti Traveller – 250 (UK)

Travel Skills – 183 (USA)

Camels And Chocolate – 129 (USA)

Nomadic samuel – 71 (USA)

Uncornered Market – 61 (Denmark)

Lee Abbamonte – 52 (USA)

Land Lopers – 47 (USA)

Gran Tourismo Travels – 44 (Germany)

Killing Batteries – 42 (UK)

Grid Skipper – 37 (UK)

Legal Nomads – 35 (USA)

My View From The Middle Seat – 27 (USA)

501 Places – 26 (UK)

48 Hour Adventure – 20 (Canada)

Inside The Travel Lab – 19 (UK)

Mother Of All Trips – 18 (USA)

Quite Alone – 11 (UK)

Write Through The Fog – 5 (USA)

The Travel Bite – 3 (USA)


I have no doubt this list and the rankings will change a huge amount over the next couple of months, with the release of the new Google Panda update, as well as a huge amount of talk surrounding the Penguin update said to be coming soon (possible live by the time of this article being posted). If you have any questions or would like to chat SEO, get in contact, I’m a complete nerd for the subject and always happy to chat and discuss the subject.

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