My Apologies To My Readers

This might seem like a slightly odd post to make, however I want to send out an apology to all my readers. The last post I wrote was on the 31st July, very close to a month ago.

I have always prided myself on keeping up to date, in fact about 9 months ago I had a 3 month schedule completely full, so how I’ve let it all slip down is slightly worrying. 2014 has been the year I have stepped away from travelling the world, while taking on smaller holidays, which has slightly kicked my love for travelling, as it is hard to see and write about others doing what you wish you were doing.



During the past 27 days, I have had a wedding, two stag do’s, Reading Festival, Boomtown Festival, a trip to Amsterdam and a whole host of birthdays! That is quite a ridiculous amount, even by my standards. This has meant it has all crept up on me and in those few minutes spare, I simply couldn’t bare writing a blog post. In fact, I should also mention I have a highly stressful 9-5:30 office job, so balancing all of this, along with the four websites I manage and the freelance work I do, it has been incredibly tiring.

However, with August coming to a close, I am now determined to do a mini resolution, to catch up and re-commit myself to my readers.


I have received a number of questions via emails and through blog comments, which I haven’t got round to answering yet. I will endeavor to reply to them all this weekend. I do apologise if some were urgent, I do get a lot of messages regarding moving to Brighton, so I understand the urgency, I will do my best to give you a full and comprehensive answer.

Travel Bloggers

It isn’t just the readers I feel I have let down, us travel bloggers are a close knit group. I try to share others posts, offer tips where I can and generally help out in our community, whereas over the past 2 months I haven’t helped an inch! This isn’t fair, as I can see how much they share all my posts, as well as generally offering a hand where possible, so I will step up and ensure I do all I can for you!

New Blog Posts

As you can imagine, the blog posts might not come a bit more thick and fast. This also means if you have something you would particularly like me to write about, whether a particular destination or activity, please do message me and I will get something written up as soon as possible.

Domain Name

If anyone tried visiting the website over the past five days, they would also have noticed I forgot to renew the domain name, so it has been down for a good 3-4 days, ah the shame! Well, all sorted for another two years! Boom!!

New Targets

As I won’t get the chance to do another BIG trip for a good while, I will be making a few new targets. As well as committing myself to my work, my websites, having an unbelievable social life and ticking off life experiences, I will also be aiming to get into the shape of my life. I’m a complete gym addict, so I will be setting some aims and I think it will be interesting to record them all here. In fact, I might make a separate post about this for tomorrow.


Well, thanks everyone for being patient and for the final time, I’m sorry for being absent

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