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Keep Austin Weird. This is their slogan, but you don’t understand how true this saying is until you visit the area. A great activity try do while visiting is to get onto the bridge around 6pm (I think from memory) and watch one of the world’s biggest bat colonies fly out. There are approximately 1.5 million of the Mexican free tailed bats so it certainly is a sight! But you don’t have to worry if you have a fear of bats as they don’t really fly close to humans on the bridge. This is hippy heaven, with open mic nights in almost every bar, however being in Texas there are inevitably some people with…Slightly right wing views and conspiracy theorists by the bulk load. I was sad to see Austin was full of Trump supporters, I thought it would be the one area in Texas that would rebel. I do have great memories of attending an open mic night, where we watched a death man play the guitar based on the rhythm he felt in his heart. He sung as well, which brought my friend Charlotte to tears. Austin is home to the only nudist beach in Texas, while they also don’t have a single sports team! This is also a hugely popular spot for filming, therefore you might recognise a few streets from the American big screen.