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Ah Texas, the place where I got to live like a cowboy and enact my childhood games, transforming them into a reality, it will always hold a special place in my heart. Obviously, I don’t quite agree with the politics in the area, but anyway. While many people head to Dallas, the town just across called Fort Worth was where you can have the greatest fun and you will meet the nicest people in the world. Most noticeably, Rusty, a legendary guy who runs the gym where the greatest bodybuilders in the world train, such as Ronnie Coleman. You can also head down to Austin, “keep Austin weird“, no saying could better match a town. Austin was not just great as it was a little hippy heaven, but it also had great scenic views and allowed us to swim in the sea and try cliff jumping. Further to the right you have the business centre of Texas, Houston. This wasn’t exactly the best place to visit as a tourist, in fact it was a terrible place to visit and we rushed out of there as soon as we could, as it certainly more catered to the professional and we were young and dumb. Texas has an odd reputation in America, but it really does have to be experienced up close.