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Everyone has to party in New Orleans at some point in their life, making it onto my list of things to do before you die. Most will flock to the wild Bourbon street, where everyone drinks outside and people put beads around the neck in exchange for…well. However if you fancy a little more culture then you might want to visit the French Quarter, where we heard some amazing jazz music. It’s named the French quarter as it was founded by the French, however the square was largely built out by the Spanish, meaning a very different style of architecture. Mardi Gras is inevitably the biggest attraction to New Orleans, where it becomes the biggest party place in the world, making Ibiza look like a library in comparison. The fact however is that there is a severe level of poverty, something that can be quite sad when you’re walking around. Make sure to check out the garden district and Jackson square. The area has a strong musical background, with it being one of the first places where a black person was allowed to own a drum. Considering their connection to jazz music, this instigated some amazing jazz drummers. The tram is a really useful way to get around town from your hostel to the wild streets.