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New York has an extremely diverse list of nationalities living in the area, unlike many other areas of the USA. There are so many things you have to see, such as the statue of liberty, central park and the empire state building. You should have a read of my complete list of things to do in New York. Plenty of big artists can be seen at the Madison square gardens, as well as the Bowery ballroom and the radio city music hall. If you’re after some great restaurants and some fun shopping then you also might want to visit the Rockefeller centre. Over 8 million people live here, therefore that equates to 1/38 of the entire nation. In case you haven’t heard this in every pub quiz ever, France actually gave the statue of liberty to America as a present, it’s enough to make me feel a little guilty about my present on the last Mother’s day! Inevitably, due to the extreme size and distance it had to travel, it was manoeuvred in 350 separate pieces. As great a place as it is, it was sadly not part of my intense 3 month road trip across the states, the one that motivated me to start this blog, as I went from San Francisco to Miami.