How is summer already over? I feel like I only just setup the garden sofa and now I’m packing it away again. But the end of BBQ’s means the start of the skiing season!

If you’re looking to plan a European skiing trip this winter, then you’re spoilt for choice, from Courchevel to Zermatt, however I want to discuss one area which doesn’t get the same level of crowds despite it’s ideal setting for a ski break, Andorra!

This high altitude destination has a number of peaks above 2,000 metres, being the 2nd highest mountain state in Europe.

When Is The Best Time To Ski In Andorra?

Ideally, if you can book for the end of December or during January then you should get perfect weather conditions to hit the slopes. You can book your Andorra ski holidays at

What Are The Best Skiing Spots?

Arguably the best would be Grandvalira, which offers an unbelievable stretch of mountain to ski down, however it is matched with larger crowds due to its growing popularity.

It contains 62 blue runs, 31 reds, and for the daredevils in the group, 25 black.

You’ve also got Vallnord-Pal Arinsal, which has 63km of slopes, open 10 months of the year and with plenty of other activities such as mountain biking and zip wiring.

Thanks to the wide open pistes in Andorra, it is generally a great place to try if you’re a beginner (like myself), so you don’t have to worry about going straight for the black slopes.

Is Andorra Skiing Expensive?

It’s all relative, compared to France or Switzerland, it’s incredibly affordable, but a skiing holiday will never be ‘cheap’, so don’t expect an absolute bargain.

The ski passes are still pricey and everything on the mountain is inevitably pricey, but if you visit the towns at all, you will find yourself some incredibly cheap food and accommodation. I would estimate that it’s around 30% cheaper than in France or Spain on average.

Does It Snow A Lot In Andorra?

Yes, from December through to March it tends to snow a lot in the mountainous regions. This inevitably means you’ll get some great views to admire before skiing down them.

Obviously, I recommend late December/January, as this is the more ‘guaranteed’ period of snow and optimal weather for skiing, as sometimes it can end a little early (bloody global warming and all), so if you leave it late in the winter season, it might not be as great.

At Grandvalira, they know the snow season is critical to their economy, so they have over 1,000 snow cannons keeping 65% of the area covered in snow, so you can still enjoy a good skiing trip sometimes all the way up to April.

Pas de la Casa can actually have snow throughout the season, so is seen as a safe bet option.

The temperature during the cold January period is often around 4c (40f), while it is much lower when you’re up the top of the mountains, so make sure to pack warm clothing! Those winter socks will go down a treat.

What Language Do They Speak In Andorra?

Yes, I know we live in a world of apps and Google Translate, but that doesn’t give us an excuse to be the stereotypical English and not learn a word.

In Andorra, the official language is Catalan, the language spoken in Barcelona (well, Spanish and Catalan).

However, most people in Andorra will also speak both Spanish and French, so as long as you can cover one of these three, you should get by ok. In the key tourist areas, they will also speak English, but you should still try to learn the basics before visiting.

So, some basics, hello is ‘hola’, excuse me is ‘perdoni’ and goodbye is ‘adeu’.

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