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The tourism centre of Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh has some great activities to try, from quad biking to day tours. People often flock to the seafront hotels due to the amazing opportunity to snorkel or scuba dive and get a close up view of all the sealife. I certainly made the most of it, getting as many snaps of these underwater creatures as possible while there. The excursions can all be booked via your hotel. This might not offer the best value for money, but it certainly adds a level of safety to your trip, considering some of the bad things I saw when we decided to step away from our safety net of hotel bookings. Another interesting thing I wasn’t expecting was the sheer quantity of Russians present in all of the hotels. It is a top tourist location for both Russians and Germans, but don’t ask me why as I don’t have a clue. This former fishing village is now synonymous for kitesurfing, parasailing, scuba diving and camel riding, a far cry from its old reputation. However it still offers the history, much like the rest of the country, with trips to the Coptic Church and Al Mustafa Mosque being popular. Oh, also, just in case you get worried, Shark’s bay is a great area to visit and you don’t have to worry about spotting sharks. You should also try to book yourself on a star gazing tour, where they will explain all the various constellations and how they got their names.