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My experiences of Egypt are very mixed, however the amount of excursions you can try in Sharm El Sheikh is incomparable to other countries, while the deep rich history in areas such as Cairo make this a must for any true traveller. While you may hear stories of protests and unrest, these are largely not seen in Sharm El Sheikh, meaning the tourism is largely not affected like the rest of the country. This is certainly the country you visit if you’re a history buff. However don’t feel like you have to see the Pyramid of Giza. It is easily the biggest tourist attraction in Egypt, bringing in millions every year and recognised as the last standing ancient wonder of the world. However there are actually over 130 pyramids to be seen throughout the country, therefore you can definitely beat the tourist trap with a bit of adventure and careful planning. If we’re talking about size, then the Pyramid of Khufu is the one you will want to see. You should look into all of the stories around mummification and also the curses that were set for people who found and opened the tombs, with the eerie connections to reality with many British explorers that found them. Also, expect to see a few cats outside houses and cat monuments everywhere, as they were considered to be sacred animals by Ancient Egyptians.