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My first trip to Portugal was a family holiday in Lisbon and we instantly fell in love with this country. Everyone is friendly and incredibly good looking, their is a deep rich history to every building, along with an accompanying story, the weather is warm and there are plenty of views to check out, including the Pena National Palace. You should also keep your eyes out for the Portuguese wildlife, but hopefully you won’t come face to face with an Iberian wolf. Whether you’re a fan or not of Cristiano Ronaldo, you should definitely visit the Portuguese island of Madeira to see the hilarious statue made in his name. It looks more similar to a goat than it does the footballer, but it certainly has succeeded in bringing in tourists. When we talk about previous empires, the Ottoman or the British empire is normally the most quickly mentioned, but the Portuguese empire seems to have slipped away from the history books. However, they had one of the biggest and most powerful empires of all time, including areas in Asia and Africa, as well as Brazil. Brazil might have declared independence, but the language has kept on, the only country you will find in South America that doesn’t speak Spanish. However Portuguese is also spoken in Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, Principe, Sao Tome and Angola!