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Weligama was our central hub for surfing and relaxing by the sea. While many will head on to Mirissa, Weligama has a more calm appeal to it. The list of activities to try in Weligama is mainly focused around surfing and the sea, however I’ve tried to list a few others for your visit. We stayed in the We Escape hotel which had a great swimming pool and a huge garden, not to mention it wasn’t too long a walk to the seafront. You can reach Weligama by bus, however most will opt for a Tuk Tuk, considering how cheap it is. I highlighted before that in Ahangama we saw the stilt fishermen, well you can here as well but you have to be careful when taking photos as some will demand money if you do. It’s also a little more rare to see them now in this area. This is a very small town, meaning there are basically two roads going through, so you can’t get too lost. There are some great bars and restaurants along the waterfront, but don’t expect an overly live scene, with a few people dotted along the seafront having a beer in the evening. If you love a serpent or two then you can take a journey just outside of Weligama to see the snake farm. There are a few famous pythons that do tend to draw the crowd.