What better way to get motivated for a foreign adventure than cracking open the Kindle and downloading the absolute best of overseas mysteries and cultural ebooks available. I have listed my favourite ebooks I have read so far, as well as a cheeky plug (I couldn’t help myself).

From Blog To BrandTom Bourlet£4.99OK, I had to sneak my own ebook into here first, but for anyone interested in blogging then this is a great place to start.
With advice on starting a new blog, optimising both for users and for search engines, creating a media kit, site speed, HTTPS, pretty much anything you will need to know.
How To Travel The World On $50 A DayMatt Kepnes£7.54Arguably the most well known and successful travel blogger in the world, he rose to prominence with his incredibly successful book ‘how to travel the world on $50 a day’.
He has gone on to write a large number of books, but this is his big hitter and where I’d recommend you start if interested in travelling.
The World’s Cheapest DestinationsTim Leffel£7.54Forget Las Vegas or Oslo, this book will take you on a global adventure to find the cheapest destinations in the world.
If you want to travel but find yourself on a budget then this can help you to pick the right spots to fly to.
The Solo Travellers HandbookJanice Leith Waugh£4.99It can be absolutely petrifying the first time you travel alone, but once you realise you are never truly alone when travelling, you will truly embrace the world.
From making friends in hostels, to staying safe in unknown areas, the solo travellers guidebook will keep you on the right tracks.
Definitely a motivating read.
The Food Travelers HandbookJodi Ettenberg$9.95One of the best parts about reaching the far stretches of the globe is trying all the exquisite culinary options available.
Nothing highlights the difference in lifestyle, culture and historic change than trying the local dishes in local restaurants.
Marching PowderRusty Young£5.49If you are travelling to Bolivia then this is beyond a must! The prison’s have a bizarre story to tell, even if they have forcibly changed.
Marching Powder is a phenomenal story which you will see in everyone’s hands as the walk around the outside of the prison. I loved this book!
ShantaramGregory Roberts£4.99By far my favourite book of all time, Shantaram almost seems unbelievable (who knows, I like to think it’s true), but it will leave you hooked.
It might heavily involve India, but you don’t need to read this book to feel inspired to travel there (albeit you can see the knife mark in the bar where he kept it).
Rumoured to be being made into a movie, I can only hope this is true!
Lion: A Long Way HomeSaroo Brierley£0.99An absolute bargain price for this amazing read which was made into a blockbuster movie.
The first movie to make me cry as an adult (at the ripe age of 30), this one will pull on the heart strings.
Into The WildJon Krakauer£5.66The movie didn’t do this piece justice, seriously, so make sure to read the book rather than opting for the movie.
A tale of pushing travel to the boundaries, this might not be the motivator for myself to hit the road, but definitely an intriguing story.
How To Start A Travel Blog And Make MoneyKirsty Stuart$4.03My ebook went deep into the details of how to make the blog a success, but I didn’t go as deep into the monetisation aspect.
Kirsty has covered both in her very reasonably priced ebook which is worth a read for any budding blogger wanting to get involved in the game.
The BeachAlex Garland£5.99One of my favourite books of all time, this has to be one of the most influential travel books ever to have existed.
Unfortunately, the effect it had on the island has caused it to become the very opposite of a deserted island.
The crowds were devastating, but don’t let this take away from the amazing ebook on offer.
The Motorcycle DiariesChe Guevara£7.59Another Latin inspirational read to add to the list, he is seen as a pivotal figure in history, with the movie recently launched to critical acclaim.
I’ll tell you what, it did entice me to get a motobike and hit the road, however my sense of balance might be a slight barrier.

Written by | tombourlet

Tom Bourlet is the creator of Spaghetti Traveller and has been addicted to travelling ever since taking a roadtrip across the USA.

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