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This is one Raquel visited a few years back with her best friend Daisy, experiencing all of the bizarre activities and attractions on offer. You can have a read of what it is like being a female traveller in Dubai, while I’d also recommend having a read of our list of the best activities to try in Dubai. This is probably the perfect example of the disparity in wages created by globalisation and capitalism. The levels of wealth of some of the visitors will leave you shocked, but it is interesting to see how the other half live. Considering the constant construction of skyscrapers, they have quite a cool quote, that 25% of every crane in the world is based in Dubai. That says something about the rate of expansion happening here. One of the biggest attractions is clearly the man made Palm Islands with the hotel resorts a popular option for honeymoons. Another cool sight to look out for are the super cars used by the police force in this city, you will mistake them for a billionaire playboy. Considering the city is adopted by the world’s wealthiest on holiday, Dubai’s population is made up of 85% foreigners. However this number doesn’t just include the wealthy, as the workers creating all these giant buildings are normally from abroad rather than the Emirates. Considering the number of Indian workers, this also means the food is slowly being influenced in the area, bringing more spice to some of their dishes.