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Considering I’ve worked in marketing for almost a decade and have been running this blog for a hell of a long time, I want to help others get into the blogging industry, therefore I will try to post marketing tips along the way. I’ll combine everything, from how to setup the website on Wordpress, to how to build out a content calendar and gaining PR pieces for your site. Of course, if there is a topic you’d like me to cover, let me know and I’ll post it as soon as possible. Understanding the way SEO has evolved is crucial to ensuring your site is in a strong position and capable of gaining strong rankings. There is the Panda update, which was focused on content (think thin content pages, keyword stuffing and the likes), then there was Penguin which was around backlinks, and then there were more updates than I can list. In fact, nowadays there are around 2 algorithmic updates every single day, therefore most don’t follow them anymore, unless it is a big update affecting a lot of sites, such as the Medic update, which hit health sites really hard. Well, they hit YMYL websites (your money, your life), meaning anything that can affect your wallet or your health in any shape or form.