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My mum moved to Bath back about 6 years ago, an area she was obsessed with, offering a very different lifestyle to the rough areas of London we were brought up in. It almost feels like a fantasy land spending Christmas in Bath, as we look out at the frosty hill tips overlooking the city as we nestle into a great roast dinner. I do try to visit a few times per year, so I have no doubt there will be plenty of new content on Bath in the foreseeable future. Many treasure hunters enjoy the location as many Roman items have been found, including 17,500 Roman coins just over 10 years ago. Expect a few book shops to highlight the area as the home to Jane Austen, therefore you may be pushed to buy one of the books, even if its a gift for a family member. One of the most famous images of Bath is of the Royal Crescent, with the posh houses in the curved shape. I would dread to think how much it would cost to buy one of those! It might be slightly above a travel bloggers budget. If you do move to the area, you can even invest in their local currency, the Bath Oliver, certain to confuse tourists and ‘outta towners’. A walk along the river is a great past time when visiting, something we try to do each Christmas to try to work off some of those extra calories we might have gained.