So I finally went to see it, years after jumping around for a joy at the mere mention of a theatre display by the makers of South Park. I remember hearing about the play while I was travelling across the USA four years ago and being absolutely emphatic with joy.

The show took place at the Prince of Wales theatre in London, right next to the Piccadilly station, while I was incredibly lucky as my mate managed to get the tickets for dirt cheap through his company, so they only cost £22 each! All I can say is this was hands down the funniest thing I have ever witnessed in my life. It was hands down one of the best experiences ever. I can only hope I get to see it again some time soon.

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I really couldn’t expect anything less, I grew up to South Park and always loved it, however recent seasons had been pretty poor, so I did wonder whether the play would live up to expectations, however when it won all the awards. Nominated for fourteen different awards at the 65th Tony Awards, it won 9! This is an incredible feat considering who they were competing against and that the voters are perceived to ‘stick up their nose’ to nominations such as this.

From the head over heels funny song ‘Hasa Diga Eebowai’ to the scenes in hell, they got everything pitch perfect. The main lady had a glorious singing voice, while the two main characters simply blew me away.

While this was predominantly a comedy, it really did raise many topics of debate, as well as explore real political issues and question religion quite feverishly. As an agnostic guy, I could only see the funny side, but I should give a massive warning to anyone religious or anyone who is easily offended, this may not be for you. Here is your test, sit through an hour of Frankie Boyle, if you are offended at any point, maybe just stay at home and watch some Downton Abbey.

It is hard to wonder where they will go next. They have completed 19 seasons of South Park (at time of writing) managing one every single year since they started, they made and starred in Baseketball, they have made a play that blew everyone else away and they made a film based on puppets (Team America) which was one of the greatest comedies ever made. I really can’t think how they can top this, but if anyone can do it, Trey Parker and Matt Stone can!

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I have always wanted to get back into acting, having attended a drama school growing up and studying theatre studies for a considerable period of time, I really do miss the stage. I am now however more motivated to focus on YouTube rather than stage acting, as my path does seem to have changed quite dramatically to where I thought I would be at this stage in my life.

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