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Australia is a gorgeous country based in the Pacific ocean. With so much to offer, from the spectacular Great Barrier Reef, to getting in touch with nature at Ayers Rock, admiring the Sydney Opera House to surfing on Bondi beach, there really aren’t many better places to visit in the world! I detail all of the best things to try in Melbourne, which is somewhere a close mate of mine lives and is almost every travellers favourite spot in Australia. Of course, if you’re travelling around then you might want to have a read of my ultimate list of things to do in Australia. The Aborigines were around for 60,000 years before being wiped out, followed by the Torres Strait Islanders. The name might not however have been Australia, as travellers from the Netherlands found the country and called it New Holland, but then us cheeky Brits came along and trampled on their plans and renamed it in 1824. The word actually means ‘unknown Southern island’, we’re not very exciting with our names, then again, neither are the Dutch! Australian wildlife is the biggest pull for tourists, well, alongside sitting on a hot beach with a beer in hand. Plus have a read of my Melbourne blog posts.