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How could you not love Melbourne, the lively buzz of Australia. I mean for a start, it the fox capital of the world (not something you expect to see until you arrive). What’s even weirder is you don’t actually see many foxes, despite the ridiculously large amount of them. One of the founding fathers John Batman (yep, like the movie) had a strong influence on the area and it was almost called Batmania. How cool would that have been! But yer, sure, Melbourne is fine. While most people know the capital of Australia is Sydney…Oh wait, I mean Canberra (pub quiz fact right there). But not many people know that Melbourne was the capital up until 1927. If you’re considering visiting, then here is one extra reason to do so, Melbourne has been rated by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) as the number one place to live in the world every year since 2011! The entire world! That’s enough to get me thinking about packing my bags and heading over for an extended trip. The wages aren’t too bad either. If you’re heading over, make sure to read my list of things to do in Melbourne.