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Most people’s to-do list for Netherlands will include copious amounts of activities within Amsterdam, but I would urge you to venture out and see more of this gorgeous country. I am however guilty of being an Amsterdam regular, with my friends all agreeing to go back every few years, as we loved it so much. Beyond the expensive ideas, there are plenty of free things to do in Amsterdam. Stepping outside of Amsterdam, I was a big fan of Rotterdam. The zoo was a little further out of town, but definitely worth a visit. We went for Traverse, a travel blogger event, where 400 travel bloggers arrived in Rotterdam, who knows how much that must add to their tourism and tourism branding. Fun fact, Netherlands doesn’t equal Holland, Holland is an area within Netherlands, however due to the area contributing most of the wealth to the kingdom back in the day, it started being used as the term for the country. According to Oxfam, the Netherlands residents have the healthiest diets in the world, not bad considering I always thought it would be Japan. This is noticeable if a Dutch tourist comes to the UK, hoping to eat a wholesome meal and being offered chips instead. You can expect a modern, forward thinking country when you visit, not just around drugs, they were also the first to legalise gay marriage.