I wrote a guide on things to do in Amsterdam a good 5 years ago, however following a challenge from my friend, I decided to make a new list of free things to do in Amsterdam, for those on a tighter budget. I have partnered up with Dealchecker to try and work out all of the best options for various different groups. If you can think of anything else, please do let me know.

1) Begijnhof

This is a nice and quiet courtyard where many sneak off from the office to have lunch. This is a purely daytime activity, as the gates are locked shut in the evening.

2) Art Gallery

There are numerous art galleries through Amsterdam, most of them charging nothing for entry (however donations are always appreciated). You might not see so many big names in the free museums, but the art quality certainly doesn’t dip, with some truly spectacular pieces on offer.

3) Red Light District

Whether you agree with the system or not, it is a bizarre place you have to tick off while in Amsterdam. You can walk through, but make sure not to take any photos, as the bouncers will run over and demand you delete the picture (this hasn’t happened to me, but I was warned by several people before I went).

4) Chinatown

They have these almost everywhere now, but they never lose their excitement. You also don’t need to buy anything, you can just wander through looking and smelling everything around you.

5) The Condomerie

Just like many other things to do in Amsterdam, this is certainly one of the most bizarre places you will go in your lifetime. Celebrating everything to do with condoms, you will find all shapes, sizes and colours, as well as flavours and more.

6) Free Walking Tour

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a guided tour, there are free options available, taking place at 11:15am or 1:15pm. The guides will explain the history of the city, while you will also get to mingle with a few other tourists.

7) Take A Ferry

It seems impossible to imagine, but the public transport ferry is actually free to take! Offering great views of the waterfront, this is a cheaper alternative to the overpriced boat trips which are proving popular in Amsterdam.

8) Bloemenmarkt

The floating flower market will dazzle you with its colours, yet the cost is zero (obviously, considering the blog title). This is a great day time activity which should cover you for an hour or so, depending on your love for flowers.

9) Live Music At Concertgebouw

Around lunch time you will see a performance outside the art venue, definitely on the weekend and sometimes even during the week (mainly in the summer). Get yourself a beer and sit down to listen to some great music.

10) The Houseboats On Westerdok

Typical of anywhere that is built around a canal, you end up with some great looking barges, so have a wander along Westerdok and keep the camera out.

11) Manmade Beach

It’s not quite the glamour of the Maldives, but Blijburg Aan Zee certainly proves popular with locals and tourists alike during the summer months. You might surprise some friends back home when you return with a nice tan!

12) Explore Vondelpark

Easily one of my favourite parks I’ve ever been to, Vondelpark is absolutely gorgeous and will take a good while to get around. The constant joggers will make you feel a bit guilty about your health, but who cares?! The park is a little further out of town, but you can get there by tram quite easily.

13) Cuypmarkt

I do love a market (seriously, read any of my lists and you will spot a marketplace), while this one could be free providing you don’t buy anything, this one is down to your willpower. If you do decide to get something, I’d recommend trying some of the cheese.

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