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Oh you absolute beauty, I do love Rotterdam! This was our home for one week in 2018, as we attended the Traverse conference, while we took part in activities morning, afternoon and night, which all got a little messy. There are so many things to do in Rotterdam, including a visit to Rotterdam zoo. Probably the most well know view of the city is the Cube houses, while you can actually go inside one of them, as the owner has turned it into a mini-museum of sorts, allowing visitors to enter for 3 euros. We stayed in a hotel right alongside the Erasmus bridge, which is thought to look like a swans neck. Probably the most bizarre thing we did on our visit was the escape rooms on the SS Rotterdam ship, not your usual box room in a pub. Admittedly, we didn’t manage to get out, however a couple of other groups we spoke to just about got out on time, so it’s definitely achievable (maybe if I wasn’t in the group scratching my head). You will also love taking the water taxi, but if you want to know how to do it, don’t look at me. We got to the stop and we had to call on a connected phone booth to book the trip, but it all left us a little puzzled, then again, that could have been the beer.