I wrote this as a quick reminder for a friend who is off travelling soon, however I felt it might be a useful guide for anyone who is going travelling soon and isn’t sure what they should be packing. Often, most of these items you will be able to pick up once you’re out there, however it is always better to be prepared and not have to worry about searching every shop and market place in the search for over-priced sun tan lotion or a cheap and reliable MP3. I hope you enjoy the list!

1) Sun Tan Lotion

Often an item that is missed out, sun tan lotion is incredibly expensive in some countries. You can read my list of prices for sun tan lotion in various countries around the world here. Although due to the incredibly annoying rule, plus one day to be removed in the not so distant future, you cannot pack over 100ml in your luggage that you carry onto the plane, so remember to keep the sun tan lotion in your big bag. We have made this mistake before and had to throw away £20 worth of sun tan lotion, not the best start to a holiday!

2) mp3

It doesn’t matter what form it comes in, whether Sandisk, Samsung or Apple, Something to play music can keep you occupied when you’re stuck on an 18 hour bus, while your waiting in queues or even if you arrive somewhere where all the shops are shut and you have to stay in your room. This has massively helped me pass the time when incredibly bored, however I would actually recommend spending this time writing blog posts and then you can set up your own travel blog!

3) Diarrhea Tablets

Not what you want to think about before heading off travelling, however you don’t know what the quality of food will be like where you’re going. Plus, the most common reason for getting diarrhea while travelling is due to your body not being used to the different bacteria which enters your system. The food can be kept as clean as possible, however your body will still not be used to the bacteria therefore diarrhea is a common affect. Also, I would recommend looking up whether it is safe to drink the tap water, while I would also recommend buying tap water when travelling, regardless of what people say, better safe than sorry.

4) Mosquito Repellent

This one is obviously dependent on where you are going, however mosquito repellent can save you from those nasty b******s when you’re in an area frivolous with them. Make sure the mosquito repellent has deet in it, otherwise it will be useless. The higher the amount of deet, the better. However remember deet will burn through items, get it on your watch and you might be sad the next day to see the deterioration. So keep it away from your jewellery.

5) Painkillers

You never know when a headache might sprout up, so keep these packed so you can carry on with your day with ease. You don’t want a memorable experience to only be half enjoyed due to external factors, therefore a painkiller can help if you have been out drinking or lacking in sleep.

6) Sleeping pills

When you’re bored of listening to music on your MP3 while on a long bus journey, knocking yourself out for 10 hours is always a good option. However, try to make sure everything is strapped to you as some people will steal from you while you’re sleeping. Have nothing on show and make sure it is very difficult to take something from you. I put plastic bags at the top of my pocket so if someone reaches in it makes lots of rustling sounds, while it also makes it harder to grab anything.

7) A Padlock

You don’t know whether you will be able to buy one at a hostel, therefore it is always worth packing one as you will want to keep all your private belongings in a safe location. You can normally pick these up pretty cheap, whereas a hostel will make the most of your increased need for security and will charge you an arm and a leg!

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