Aldi, the bargain based supermarket which originally came from Germany before making its mark in Britain, had made a huge impression when they began selling holidays at unbelievably low prices. However, following a single year, Aldi withdrew their holiday range in 2010 as they felt it would be incredibly hard to continue to offer such great deals at such great prices. Some offers which you were likely to find were trips to Tenerife from just £6.50, or Rome for 4 weeks for just £99, therefore you can understand how this was difficult to continue.

Aldi was very successful in regards to the amount of sales they made through 2009 with their travel range, however the profit margin wasn’t great therefore the range was discontinued. Now if you visit no website appears, while I will continue to monitor to see if the website ever appears in search results again.

There are a number of alternatives for a cheap holiday if you are still hunting and I will endeavor to inform about your choices.

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