Whenever it comes to packing before travelling, I’m always left with the same conundrums. What to pack, what is essential and what should be left behind. So as I have written on packing guides before, I’m instead going to focus on the extra items you probably haven’t thought of before.


Howard Passport Holder


Every time I approach the passport staff, a lump jumps into my throat and the knees go a little weak. No, I’m not smuggling a parrot into the country, but my passport has been battered by years of using it as an ID while out clubbing. The front is completely worn off and the pages are coming loose. Well no longer does my passport look like a disgrace to the passport race, thanks to the Howard leather passport holder. There are also some extra compartments, so you can fit in some extra travel necessities such as the boarding pass or a couple of debit cards.

Available From Here


Trav O Safe


I’m not sure when this new rule came about, but while travelling through Asia in October, I had to answer whether there was a battery charger in my bag multiple times. I understand this is a safety precaution to tackle the dangers of lithium batteries, but it is also frustrating as my mobile and my laptop don’t last longer than a couple of hours nowadays, not great for a 12 hour flight! Welcome the new lithium free Trav O Safe, which carries 1.5 full charges for a smart phone, while meeting all airport guidelines, meaning no need for hassle in the airport. It’s also relatively light, at 222g, while it’s relatively small-scale, meaning it won’t bulk out your bag.

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Folding Headphones


Cool me mad, but I’ve always hated the in-ear headphones, they always feel incredibly uncomfortable, therefore I either buy the old-school loose headphones or buy the larger ones. The problem with larger headphones is they tend to take up a fair amount of space in your bag. This is why I absolutely love foldable equipment. They also have a in-line remote so you can switch between music and phone calls.

Available From Here


Sandless Beach Mat

I will be insulted for saying this, but I’m not actually a huge fan of sandy beaches! I know, I know, but I’ve been based in Brighton for the past ten years when not travelling and we are used to pebbles. Sand gets everywhere and you find it in your bed and around your room months later. With the modern designed sandless beach mats, it comes straight off instantly.


GoPro With HeadSupport

I’m a little bit of a GoPro fan-boy. I always used to be nervous in front of the camera, but with it attached to my head facing outwards, I can focus on getting good material without having to look daft. You can get chest straps, but, well, they just look stupid. Not that I’m looking particularly cool with it on my head, but the quality is amazing and offers a POV style recording which is hugely popular at the moment with adventure travelling.

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