sandboarding in huacachina

This was hands down the most fun activity I have done since arriving in South America and well deserved the hype. The dunebuggying was extremely exciting as he drove us over almost vertical drops at incredibly fast pace. Please don’t do this if you have a weak stomach though, as someone on our buggy kept throwing up, this isn’t for the weak stomached as the drops are big! But trust me, you will LOVE this!

huacachina boarding

After riding around for about 20 minutes, you get to the top of a really high slope and you are handed the boards, along with a bit of wax to apply to the bottom of the board before each drop. We first tried lying down as we were informed this is the way everyone did it. While the images are always of people standing up, apparently barely anyone stands up and boards down the sand hills, while all the others in the hostel had done it lying down…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

 Sandboarding (5)

Me and Laurence performed one lying down and then instantly swapped to a standing position, which really got the blood rushing, but wasn’t as scary as we thought, nor painful. We did have a couple of tumbles but it doesn’t really hurt and you get right back up again.


You book the dune buggying and sand boarding as a combined activity and it cost 35 Sole, which is just under £10, so not bad! It lasted about 2 hours, however I think it could have lasted a lot more if the woman wasn’t being sick, but people on the buggy all felt guilty on her so we agreed to head back a bit earlier. It is why I really stress that you shouldn’t do this if you have a weak stomach as as well as making you sick and embarrassed, it quite honestly puts a downer on others trip when they have to stop an hour earlier.

 Sandboarding (11)

Make sure you bring a camera, as we forgot so we had to ask two friendly people on our trip to take some photos of us and then email them to us. Plus, they took some absolute quality shots!

Sandboarding (10)

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