Our plans for a romantic break in Santorini fell apart along with many others the moment lockdown kicked in, however as the travel industry begins to recover, we find ourselves in a precarious position. Holidays abroad for 2021 seem to be increasing daily, however most people are nervous to book a trip abroad this year, meaning we will undoubtedly see a growth in staycations.

This has led me to look at locations such as Devon for a quick break. To help anyone else looking at potential destinations, I’ve listed a number of tips and thoughts below:

  • Don’t go for the top result on the Google Local Pack. If you don’t know what I mean by this, I’m talking about the map listing of potential options in that destination. I do often like to use this platform, as it utilises review data to work out what order to list them in (not that this can’t be manipulated), but if everyone sees the same options in top position, where do you think everyone will book with?
  • Avoid the tourist traps if you want a bit of space, the big names will attract big crowds, so you can expect plenty of people at Ocean Pitch in Devon and Grange Farm on the Isle of Wight. In fact, I’ve probably slipped up by going to Devon, such a popular destination. But why not consider somewhere you’ve never been before, a little different to your usual listing options. We’re spoilt with gorgeous countryside in this country, you don’t have to stick to the obvious option.
  • With fear over public transport, the roads will be jammed over the next few months. With this in mind, make sure to travel at quieter times, unless you fancy sitting in traffic on your day off.
  • Contact local activities in advance, ask when they are opening, whether you can book an activity in advance and whether any special offers will be provided at all. On top of this, ask about cancellations and refund policies. For example, will they allow you to cancel up to one week before with a full refund if you have to pay in advance, just to cover yourself in case anything bad happens.
  • Why not consider an apartment over a hotel? Hotels mean daily visits from cleaners, while you will also be eating breakfast alongside plenty of others. From the moment you arrive, you are surrounded by people, whereas villas and apartments offer something a little more private. If you want to get into the great outdoors, you might want to also consider glamping as a potential alternative.
  • Once you arrive in your new destination, you might want to hire a bike for the duration of your stay (providing you have somewhere to store it), or rent it on a daily basis (but ask about discounts for multiple rentals). This will avoid taking public transport and being stuck next to someone sneezing on a bus.
  • If you want the best prices, you have to be aware of the days you’re staying from-till. In general, most locations will be cheaper Sunday-Thursday. This can also allow you to head back home on the Friday and still have a weekend to recover, as nobody likes going straight back into work!

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