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Ah Prague, I love you so much! I was recommended Prague by a close friend, who couldn’t stop talking about how amazing it was, then when I returned I found myself guilty of the same act. It has a way of getting into your heart, with the most lovable people in the world, great food, great beer and unbelievable sights. They also love a horror, seriously! Look out for the creepy babies with no faces dotted around town and on the TV tower. But for a detailed list, I recommend having a read of my list of Prague things to do. I still have a good laugh when I see the video of the beer bath, as we splashed about in the mineral enriched liquid and tucking into our pints. Unfortunately, when we visited we didn’t get to see the famous Astronomical clock as it was closed for refurbishment, so hopefully you get to spot it. Having said that, it is constantly listed in the most disappointing attractions therefore I wouldn’t worry too much if you give it a miss. There are certainly some more exciting sights to see. I definitely recommend getting a bus pass, we got one for two days, meaning we could jump on and off whenever we needed to, following set routes around the town, reaching all of the famous locations. Capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is known for some great culinary options, however not everyone will understand their love for pork knee. Considered to taste similar to ham hock, it is often a surprisingly nice dish when given a chance, something the waiter will push you to do.