I loved Prague, every single moment I was there I felt like I could move here and settle down! From the horror escape rooms to the craft beer river boat ride, there were so many items for my list of things to do in Prague. But one thing I wasn’t expecting was the vast range of bizarre statues all over the city. So read on for my full list and keep your eyes out for any new ones, they seem to love introducing these every year!

1) Piss by David Cerny

This statue can be found outside the Franz Kafka museum. The statue is two men peeing into a shape of the Czech Republic. the water actually writes quotes from some of Prague’s residents.


2) Babies by David Cerny

It would be hard to miss this tower as it’s the largest tower in Prague. You will see 10 haunting looking babies crawling up the sides. This tower even lights up with the colours of the Czech flag at night.


3) Memorial to Franz Kafka by Jaroslav Róna

This statue is based on Franz Kafka’s story Description of a Struggle, where he talks about a man carrying another man on his shoulders. Again, it is another haunting and slightly creepy statue, but that’s why we love it!

Memorial to Franz Kafka

4) Umbrella Man and women 

I found these two umbrella man and women statues by luck. I couldn’t actually find any information about who made them or the reasoning behind it, but we had to stop to snap some photos as it looked like Mary Poppins getting caught on the electric lines, a bizarre alternative to the childhood story!

Umbrella Man

5) Embryo

The Embryo statue is found on the side of the local theatre Divadlo na Zabradli. It doesn’t instantly jump out at me as a fetus trying to squeeze through the drain pipes, but I guess you need to use your imagination. Prague certainly has a keen interest in babies and childbirth! 

Embryo prague

6) Il Commendatore

Found at Ovocný trh, a short 4 minute walk from the old town square, Il Commendatore was created by Anna Chromy, located alongside the Estates Theatre, in memory of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The figure looks quite creepy, like a dementor from Harry Potter, however its meant to symbolise the ‘cloak of conscience’.

il commendatore statue


7) Horse by Černý

Unlike others on this list, this one is based inside the art Nouveau Lucerna Palace. It’s hanging from the ceiling, showing the king riding an upside down horse, partly mocking the past and modern leadership in Prague. Who is the king you ask? Oh just King Wenceslas, you know, from all those Christmas songs!



8) Man Hanging Out

Found at Husova, this is another on the side of a building, found down the cobblestone roads in the old town. The character dangling down is supposed to be Sigmund Freud, debating whether to hold on or let go. Before you ask, Freud was from the Czech Republic and had a phobia of dieing. He also committed suicide through morphine when he was 83 and suffering from cancer. 

Man Hanging Out

9) Memorial for the Victims of Communism

I found this one quite sad and touching. Commemorating people who suffered during 1948 and 1989, found at the bottom of Petřín hill, while the hop-on-hop-off bus goes along here on its route. This is a powerful message, highlighting the terrible  

Memorial for the Victims of Communism

10) Crawling babies

You can find the crawling babies at U Sovových mlýnů, another creation by locally born David Černý. They were another creation pointing to the communist era, highlighting that the young had their future taken away from them due to the totalitarian ruling, with their growth stunted.


11) In Utero

THIS ONE NO LONGER EXISTS, I don’t want to remove this one since I wrote it in, but this creation by David Černý has now been removed. The silver of the statue made for great pics around sunset. It was originally located outside Kampa park, but now you can find her babies, so it weirdly lives on in a different way.

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