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Where to watch football in Brighton

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Brighton’s Best Sports Bars

The King and Queen

As a Liverpool fan based in Brighton, I was astonished when watching a documentary on my team to find  one of the biggest non Liverpool based LFC fan groups were set at this pub! The pub offers some huge screens and the pints are decent, however you have to get here stupidly early as the tables are gone about an hour before the match kicks off and the standing area isn’t great.

Address: 13-17 Marlborough Pl, Brighton BN1 1UB

 Opening hours:
Tuesday 10am–12am
Wednesday 10am–12am
Thursday 10am–12am
Friday 10am–12am
Saturday 10am–12am
Sunday 10am–12am
Monday 10am–12am
Phone01273 607207

The Montpelier Inn

This is our local and has easily the friendliest bar manager in the world! Always recognises us and says hello, offers to bring the pint over to the table and allows us to pay at the end if the match is getting intense, he is the reason we go here. As for the crowd, it is ok but it attracts some oddballs, partly because the building opposite is a hostel largely occupied by homeless people and drug addicts. So great for the football and an unbelievable atmosphere, but the rest of the time it can feel a bit odd.

Address: 7-8 Montpelier Pl, Hove BN1 3BF

 Opening hours:
Tuesday 12pm–12am
Wednesday 12pm–12am
Thursday 12pm–12am
Friday 12pm–1am
Saturday 12pm–1am
Sunday 12pm–12am
Monday 12pm–12am
Phone: 01273 640195

The Royal Pavilion Tavern

Or Pavtav as I’ve always known it, this is the answer to ‘can you imagine if Whetherspoons ever played the football’. With incredibly low prices and great deals on, this is one for the bargain hunters. On the other end, despite the large number of screens, they don’t have the best audio or the biggest screen on offer.

Address: 7-8 Castle Square, Brighton BN1 1FX

 Opening hours:
Tuesday 11am–11pm
Wednesday 11am–11pm
Thursday 11am–2am
Friday 11am–2am
Saturday 11am–2am
Sunday 11am–11pm
Monday 11am–2am


Phone: 01273 735819


I have mixed feelings for the Font as a football bar. My negative feelings are based on the fact that it is traditionally a spirits and cocktail type bar, meaning they don’t exactly cater very well to football fans. On the other hand, the screen is friking GIANT! They don’t always have it on, but if you are looking for somewhere for the World Cup then this is one of the best options available.

Address: Union Street, Brighton BN1 1HA

Opening hours: 

Tuesday 8am–9pm
Wednesday 8am–9pm
Thursday 8am–9pm
Friday 8am–9pm
Saturday 8am–8pm
Sunday 8am–6pm
Monday 8am–9pm
Phone: 01273 747727



Here is my big surprise of the list. I didn’t really think it would be great, considering the staff are easily the rudest in Brighton, however it is actually pretty decent as a football pub. They have plenty of seats, while they also have multiple screen plotted all over the bar in case you can’t see the big screen. There are often some drink deals on, however the food is definitely one you will want to miss.

Address: 79 West St, Brighton BN1 2RA

 Opening hours:
Tuesday 11am–2am
Wednesday 11am–2am
Thursday 11am–2am
Friday 11am–3am
Saturday 11am–3am
Sunday 11am–3am
Monday 11am–2am
Phone: 01273 256720

The Duke of Wellington

This pub has a proud passion for football, often filled with Brighton supporters (Crystal Palace fans, stay away). They also make a pretty decent pie, the perfect accompaniment to a pint. It is dog friendly, albeit there is a cat that wonders around so take this into consideration if heading down with the pooch. They also follow up the match with a pub quiz some of the time, so this can be worth sticking around for, especially if you are celebrating your team winning.

Address: 70 Upper Gloucester Rd, Brighton BN1 3LQ

 Opening hours:
Tuesday 12pm–12am
Wednesday 12pm–12am
Thursday 12pm–12am
Friday 12pm–1am
Saturday 11am–1am
Sunday 11am–11:30pm
Monday 12pm–12am
Phone: 01273 327989

The Walrus

If you head up on a Sunday then you have to try the food! If it’s a Saturday then go for the pizza. It isn’t the biggest space, in fact it’s quite tight for space, therefore aim to get there early and grab a table. This isn’t the one for you if you happen to be a group of 10! It’s a gastro pub, meaning the prices are a bit steep, but it is definitely worth it.

Address: 10 Ship St, Brighton BN1 1AD

Opening hours: 

Tuesday 12–11pm
Wednesday 12pm–2am
Thursday 12pm–2am
Friday 12pm–2:30am
Saturday 12pm–2:30am
Sunday 12–11pm
Monday 12–11pm
Phone: 01273 025749


The Lion & Lobster

If you happen to be watching the football on a Sunday then you are in for a treat, as this is the pub known to make the best roast dinner in Brighton! There are numerous screens plotted around the pub of various different sizes, meaning you can opt for the group atmosphere or instead go for something more secluded if you prefer. One extra point, I love the nacho’s from here (with added chilli con carne).

Address: 24 Sillwood St, Brighton BN1 2PS

 Opening hours: 
Tuesday 11am–1am
Wednesday 11am–1am
Thursday 11am–1am
Friday 11am–2am
Saturday 11am–2am
Sunday 12pm–12am
Monday 11am–1am
Phone: 01273 327299


Blind Busker

This is a decent pub with a really nice atmosphere and a great layout. In fact, it is one of those I barely go to, but not sure why as I really like it every time I go. The drinks are a little overpriced however, so expect to pay premium.

Address: 75-77 Church Rd, Hove BN3 2BB

 Opening hours:
Tuesday 11am–12am
Wednesday 11am–12am
Thursday 11am–12am
Friday 11am–1:30am
Saturday 11am–1:30am
Sunday 12–11pm
Monday 11am–12am
Phone: 01273 749110


The George Street Tap

Welcome to your craft beer heaven. This is one for those that are fed up of lager. But the food is another area this place stands out for, with tapas being the main option. It’s also in a good location, being on George street, as you have multiple bars on the same road.

Address: 4-5, George St, Hove BN3 3YA

 Opening hours:
Tuesday 10am–11pm
Wednesday 10am–11pm
Thursday 10am–11pm
Friday 10am–11pm
Saturday 10am–11pm
Sunday 10am–11pm
Monday 10am–11pm
Phone: 01273 733359

Yates Brighton

Well, Yates is Yates, you know what to expect here! It will never be classy, you may see the occasional fight, but the screen is big and the prices are low. It has been revamped in Brighton, meaning it doesn’t look like a Yates in any other city (always shocks the Londoners), but you can’t hide what it is. If you feel like a challenge, ask for the Man Vs Food. I did this, I didn’t win! It was the biggest burger I have ever seen.

Address: 59 West St, Brighton BN1 2RA

Opening hours:

Tuesday 10am–11pm
Wednesday 10am–2am
Thursday 10am–1am
Friday 10am–2am
Saturday 10am–2am
Sunday 12–11pm
Monday 10am–11pm
Phone: 01273 731117

Railway Bell

 With 7 HD large screen TV’s, you should be able to find a good area to watch the game. Plus it is another draught beer pub, with some great drinking options available. Popular for office pints by local businesses, they also have sections which get hired out for special events such as birthdays.
Address: 26-28, Surrey St, Brighton BN1 3PA

Opening hours:

Tuesday 10am–11:30pm
Wednesday 10am–11:30pm
Thursday 10am–11:30pm
Friday 10am–12:30am
Saturday 10am–12:30am
Sunday 11am–11:30pm
Monday 10am–11:30pm
Phone: 01273 326730

Blue Anchor

Based in Portslade (so some way from the station for all your visitors), the Blue Anchor is a great local pub with some scrumptious Thai food on offer. They have all the facilities you want for half time, such as a pool table and a dart board, plus they air both Sky and BT. Their beer selection is however where they lack (time to introduce Blue Moon).

Address: 81 Boundary Rd, Portslade, Brighton BN41 1DF

Opening hours: 
Tuesday 11:30am–11pm
Wednesday 11:30am–11pm
Thursday 11:30am–11pm
Friday 11:30am–12am
Saturday 11:30am–12am
Sunday 12–11pm
Monday 11:30am–11pm
Phone: 01273 416060
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