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I had some truly unforgettable experiences in Florida, including saving a pilot whale which will always stay in my memory. It’s also the home of theme parks, with more than you could finish in a single week in Orlando, which is one of the biggest attractions in the area. If you head a little further south, you might have to keep your eyes out for alligators and crocodiles. There are some great videos on YouTube of crocodiles turning up on golf courses, which shouldn’t be a surprise as Florida has more golf courses than any other state in the USA. If you do happen to travel up North from here, you should definitely have a read of my list of things to do in New York. Florida is a big producer of foods and goods, making it a great place to eat naturally. This includes being the biggest producer in the country of stawberries, watermelons, sugar and tomatoes. On top of this, they have some great oranges in the area, competing with the California stock. Of course, with its hot weather and nice scenery, around 1,000 people per day move to Florida. Interestingly, as the Florida peninsula was underwater in the times of dinosaurs, it means there are no fossils buried under the ground.