It may not have the same glamour as days gone by, as exemplified by the scenes in ‘Catch Me If You Can’, however the job of a pilot is still a highly fancied title with a large pay cheque to accompany the role.

How Much Does A Pilot Make A Year?

The average aircraft pilot earns £90,410 in the UK, however times aren’t always this bright and sunny, there is a long journey till the big pay cheques.
This does however make aircraft pilots the highest paid group sector in the UK, making it a highly enticing job role, especially considering the travel and excitement connected with the role.
The starting salary is normally at around £21,000, while if you are at a slightly larger company then you might earn up to 24,000.
Many pilots are actually only earning around £800 per month from this role when they first graduate, meaning there is sometimes a necessity to take on a second job temporarily.
Alternatively, if you struggle to find a job vacancy, you could take on an apprenticeship, which will often pay around £18,000, however it will help you gather some much needed experience, as well as helping you to enter the industry and start your way up the ladder.
Experienced pilots will normally earn between £35,000 and £48,000, until you become a captain, where your pay should be at the very least £56,000.
The top end of the salary bracket is normally around £145,000.

How Much Will It Cost To Become A Pilot?

The costs are sadly very high, which is actually why a number of people stop before making it the entire way. Many pilots in the UK finish their studies with debts of over £100,000. You would need a decent wage simply to face the prospect of ever paying that debt off before you retire.
You should build up a strong education to full back on, so if you fail to qualify as a pilot, you will still be able to pay off the debt. There is a strong element of risk going for this role, as many people fail to cut the grade and are left with a huge debt at the end, so if this isn’t your life long dream then you might want to consider an alternative job.
Start saving early and look into loan applications. You will also want to look into sponsorship opportunities and how you can be selected. Sacrifice everything to get onto the sponsorship as this could make the entire difference.

How Much Money Does A Cargo Pilot Make?

These jobs are very hard to come by, however the pay is near the top end. You should be looking at £100,000 per year, however the top end could be as high as £145,000.

Is There A Shortage Of Pilots?

Quite Simply, no. There is a general myth that pilots are in short supply, which is partly why the pay is so good. This is not actually true however, with many new pilots struggling to find work and having to take on second jobs to cover their bills.

How Much Do Air Traffic Controllers Earn?

While they aren’t quite as highly paid as pilots, this is still considered one of the highest paid jobs in the UK, with an average of just under £80,000 per annum.

What Qualifications Do You Need To Become A Pilot?

Before taking the course, you need to treat it like a normal University. You need 5 A-C GCSE’s, as well as 2 A Levels. When your application is being considered, try to remember they will look at two particular studies more than the others, maths and physics. Focus on getting an A in these two studies and if possible you should try to do at least 1 of these for your A levels.
You don’t need an undergraduate degree, however a few people take one first so they have a potential career path to fall back on.
To actually become a pilot, you need an ATPL qualification, whether through modular training or via an integrated course.

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