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We had an amazing time in Ella, especially on the Ella Tours. On day 1 we saw a local village and learned how to make a traditional Sri Lankan curry as well as a trip to the Ravana Falls, while on day 2 we hiked and trekked to Ella’s Rock as well as the Nine Arches Bridge. Considering the area, you should also find yourself a tour of a tea plantation, while make sure to drink as much of the beautiful drink as possible while you’re here. If you’re also exploring Sri Lanka a bit more, then you should have a read of my list of things to do in Kandy, as well as my list of things to do in Colombo. The reality is that the main centre of Ella has become a bit of a ‘Brits abroad’ location, with an increasing number of tourists visiting the destination, meaning it probably has lost a bit of its magic from years gone by. On the other hand, if you do fancy a pint after trekking throughout the day then there are plenty of bars to visit. It’s also a hugely sociable area for travellers staying in hostels and hotels. Unsurprisingly, this is another great area to take a train ride to/from, with unbelievable picturesque views. We stayed in the Ceylon Tea Bungalow for most of our time, a little further outside but it offered such unbelievable views and monkeys in the tree.