Apparently, we ARE all going on a summer holiday, well at least according to a survey by Away Resorts holiday caravan sales, we are. The Great British Holidays Survey 2018 revealed that 58% of respondents will be choosing to book their UK holiday, unsurprisingly, within the summer months.

The survey also revealed that 55% of people will be choosing to spend their summer holidays in a caravan or lodge park in 2018. This shows that these types of holiday parks and villages are on the up. This is likely due to the family friendliness and all-inclusivity of these holiday destinations, being able to get accommodation, which influences 48% of people’s decisions when booking a holiday according to the survey, facilities (39%), activities and events (27%) and Children’s entertainment (23%) all in one place.

A lot of these parks are a far cry from the picture painted by Dirty Dancing of the Kellerman’s resort, with cheesy dance classes and trying on wigs as the height of entertainment being a thing of the past. Instead these parks feature activities such as zorbing, laser tag and watching films in an outdoor cinema, to name just a few, making it easy to see why they are becoming a popular destination for the British holiday.

The survey also revealed that of those asked 43% would return to the same destination regularly, suggesting that the British public can’t get enough of caravan and lodge parks in 2018.

I’ve never personally stayed in a caravan (truth moment), so it is on the list. It always reminds me of my mum and the way she would talk about her hippy days and the big van they would all drive around in. Ah, to be alive in the 60’s.

From the Woodlands park to Lower Hyde, there are a number of great resorts around that I still need to tick off. There are even some treehouse holidays which sound incredible! But maybe that’s because we grow up watching American TV shows where they all have a treehouse in their backyard. There isn’t so much room for that in London! But I digress…(I used to be a professional digresser).

Sandy Balls (comedically named) is great if you are looking for a bit of outdoors, with the new forest in full display. It’s not too far from where I’m based in Brighton, therefore a cheeky trip over might be on the cards.


  1. Ryan Biddulph April 29, 2018 at 9:05 am

    Good deal Tom! I see caravan travel quite a bit here in New Zealand. Best way to get around, really, and the only way to get around the South Island in most cases. I dig it. Thanks for sharing 🙂



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