It would be fair to say that travellers generally pay more for transportation than any other aspect of their holidays. The price paid for a flight to America or Jamaica may be even greater than a combination of  the week long luxury accommodation, activities and food. So if your intending on taking a budget break then it would be worth considering the following transport options.


Cheap Flights

If you’re willing to sacrifice quality and enjoyment for price then it would be worth considering the deals offered by the discount airlines. Alternatively you could keep a check on the websites of companies specialising in the arrangement of all inclusive travel packages.  You might be particularly surprised at the low deposit holiday deals available in 2014. Much like the name of this section, one great company to check would be Cheap Flights as they tend to have a number of great deals.


You’d be right in thinking that buses often become crowded and uncomfortable to ride. However, they are also one of the cheapest methods of transportation available. In most places it will be possible to obtain a bus card, which could help in your mission to save money. This has proven the case in South America for me, as cabs are about ten times the price in both Peru and Bolivia than taking the local bus.


If you’re keen to keep your expenditure and your carbon footprint to a minimum then it would be a good idea to go walking. You might well find that there are a number of scenic paths that lead to interesting historical monuments and scenic lookout points in your chosen holiday destination.


Hitch-hiking & Carpooling

If you aren’t put off at the thought of being driven about by a complete stranger then it might be worth giving hitch-hiking a try. Alternatively you may be able to find some travel buddies who are  more than happy to contribute towards the cost of a rented vehicle.



You might be surprised to hear that there are a wide variety of competitions for cheap deposit holidays and continental cruise trips are available to enter online. Just type the words ‘travel contest’ into one of the major search engines and see what comes up! There are a number of competition directories online which list out every competition you could possibly find, making this a full time job for some.


If you hire a bike rather than a car, you can often get off the gringo trail without spending a fortune, allowing you to spend that extra money on a coffee in a café along the coast or on some champagne at dinner time (or whenever tickles your fancy).

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