While at the Cin Cin Hove restaurant opening, we met Cat and Angela who told us about the highly intriguing Brighton Food Tour they ran.  Avid food lovers ourselves, we couldn’t wait till April to try it out.

Their food tour is the first and only food walking tour company in Brighton. When they talk, it is evident they are very passionate about the ethical and moral compass the independent stores have adopted. They also have a vast knowledge of Brighton, discussing the history, famous characters of the past and little interesting facts about the buildings.


I love how they take you to independently run shops and you get to meet each owner and have them explain their mouth-watering tasty food and of course you have a little nibble of your own.

I can’t go into which place we went to as the surprise on the day is worth the wait, trust me! But i have now added a few places onto my lunch time treats.


We started our tour on a gorgeous sunny Saturday, in fact it was the first hot day of 2018, a very happy welcome to summer time after 30 days of rain. We started our trip at 11am and it lasted 3 hours which i thought was just the right amount of time. They give you exclusive discounts to use in each restaurant and cafe, meaning if you enjoy something you tried then you can get something to go at a lower price. We brought a few items along the way, such as a scrumptious garlicy treat (I don’t think that gives anything away).

You visit around 10 different vendors along the tour, meaning you get a nice blend of options. Our trip was on the V.I.B food tour which costs £40 per person. They even have a drink, wine and team building tour, something which will make it onto our bucket list.

A great birthday present idea, Brighton Food Tours have gift vouchers which i will be buying for a few family members over the next couple of months. Oh, if you are thinking of presents, take a look at our list of Brighton birthday party ideas. The vouchers are valid for 12 months, so you can be fussy and book on a sunny day in Brighton.


So whether you’re a Brighton local or a visiting tourist, I’d strongly recommend this to anyone, young and old, food expert or casual snack lover. The tours are only available on a Friday or Saturday, while they make sure not to accept too many people onto each tour in order to ensure the quality remains high, therefore make sure to book this in advance. It’s a great way to start the weekend and a perfect lead onto the drinking tour!


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