Which ever party you’re voting for, you should have a drink in hand and get ready for a night of copious amounts of alcohol as you embrace the madness of the British general election 2019. So we’ve worked out a fun drinking game for you to run with as the results come out.

This game can be drunk with people or on your own, however we recommend getting a few mates around, even if politics doesn’t really tick a box for them. If on your own, some rules may have to be adapted.

If you have a shotglass available, you should keep this as the size of alcohol whatever you’re drinking, whether it be a spirit, a beer or a prosecco, or if you prefer you can simply stick to a quick sip as an equivalent.

Each MP

For every MP your party gets, you take a shot to celebrate!

This can make it devilishly fun if you have a group of mates from all different political viewpoints, albeit it might get heated once the shots go down.

If you’re either a labour or conservative fan, expect to be a little bit messy by the end of the night. If you’re the Brexit party or Greens then you might find yourself sobering up pretty quickly.

Brexit Mention

Every time the word Brexit is mentioned, have an extra shot. The word is never far away, so have that shot poured and ready to go.

The Casual Pint

A weird occurrence with British politics to show how relaxed they are when really they are shaking in their boots, every time you see a politician having a pint while talking in an interview in a gastropub, you need to take another shot. I know, weirdly precise but it happened so many times in 2017 that we felt it had to be included.

Quotes Galore

There are a number of quotes you have to listen out for on the telly or on the radio, each mention gets a drink for everyone:

  1. “Strong and steady”
  2. “Save the NHS”
  3. “Magic money tree”
  4. “Trump”
  5. “The polls got it wrong/right”

Well there you have it, our very messy General Election 2019 drinking game! We hope you enjoy yourselves tonight, make sure to drink carefully (I think legally I have to say that) and I hope the hangover isn’t too bad. In fact, I hope my hangover isn’t too bad as well.

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