Following 15 months in England without any form of travelling, I have had to fill my life with other joys. I have taken up playing the saxophone, I spend a huge amount of time learning different forms of digital marketing and I got on a few dates. However my latest thing is ordering Degustabox. This is a monthly pack which is sent out to you (I think it cost about £12), straight to your door, with a host of food and drink based products, which brands are trying to advertise, such as new product launches.
I first heard about Degustabox while working for Sukrin, who sent out 5,000 samples through Degustabox.
So, my box, lets dig in!


Laimon Fresh

This is a ‘100% natural’ sparkling lemon, lime and mint drink. I’m not a big fan of mint, but my housemate is and she really enjoyed it. I am however a fan of lemonade, so I didn’t mind this, just it has a very strong mint taste. I would be curious to find out if they have other flavours.

Peanut Hottie

This one battles a bit with me internally. The idea of a peanut butter hot chocolate is dream worthy. However despite being only 83 calories per 20 gram serving, it is what these calories are made up of. In each serving is 12.2 grams of sugar, which is 48.8 calories. This means it will have to be a cheeky treat every now and then. I also might throw it into a protein shake and see if it adds some flavour, but will report back on this later.

Lily O’Briens Cocoa Cookie Crunch

Now i’m no chocolate addict, but this has to be one of the tastiest things I have ever eaten…ever! I try to eat healthy, so once this pack is gone, I will probably try my best to avoid, but I will be the first to admit I will be buying these again at some point and they will definitely be Christmas presents for the family!

Schwartz Flavour Shots

There are two flavour shots which came in the pack, which were the Indian mild masala curry and the Spanish paella. I haven’t tried them yet, but will maybe use the Indian Masala one later today as Indian food is my favourite in the world! I’m not as big on Paella, however the true genius behind getting degustabox is to get a bag of surprises and then push your tastebuds into unknown areas or trying things you probably wouldn’t think of trying yourself.

Melba Thins

These taste a little bit plain on their own, but that goes without saying, however as I’m a massive cheese fan, I would be eager to add some double Gloucester to top these off. Next time everyone heads around mine for some drinks, I will coat these in different types of condiments and additions, such as cheese, jam or maybe tuna mayo. Each portion is 20 grams and is mainly made up of complex carbohydrates from the looks of it, while I would predict it is low GI, which is important to me.

Whole Earth Peanut Butter with Sunflower, Pumpkin & Flax Seeds

Now we’ve hit gold! I eat peanut butter every night, while I try to have flax seed oil when I can, however flax seeds aren’t exactly cheap. With 37 grams from a 100 gram serving coming from unsaturated fat sources, this leaves me happy and is the best item in the degustabox. It contains no added sugar, but I guess the one battle still left with all of these peanut butters is lowering the level of salt.

Beet It Sports Bars

Once again, I will update this post once I give this a try, however as someone who goes to the gym regularly, I’m always happy to receive a ‘sports bar’. However my interest is much more related to protein bars, rather than energy bars, as I don’t think energy bars are useful unless you are about to undertake a long distance based cardio activity, such as a long bike ride. I’m also unsure how a beetroot focused bar will taste, but you can understand the health aspects of this incredibly healthy vegetable. It is pretty high in sugar, which like I said is fine if you are about to go on a long run (and aren’t looking to lose weight, more increase your fitness levels), however for your average Joe this level seems way too high.

Jack Link’s Beef Snack

Finally, something high in protein! I haven’t tried this yet, but I know I’m not a big fan of beef jerky, but I will have to let you all know if this bar converts me. I will probably keep this at work for those days when I have run out of food and start feeling peckish, that is where I feel the real benefit comes in (not for people trying to lose weight, I have been bulking over the past 6 months so this is perfect for me).

American Muffin Company Chocolate Brownie Bites

Oh you cheeky bugger, well why not. These look amazing, but what I really like about them is that they are individually packed. This means that once you open the pack, you don’t have to feel ‘obliged’ to eat them all or risk them going off. They actually have a relatively long date on them, lasting all the way until May. But here are the main points about why you might be attracted to them, they are both gluten and wheat free. They use some healthier alternatives to certain ingredients you would expect, such as the inclusion of rapeseed oil and fat reduced cocoa powder. They’ve made a happy man out of me.


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