While Ronda is part of the province of Malaga, it is usually grouped with the city of Malaga in guides of what to do, so I wanted to write a detailed piece on this stunning mountaintop city and everything I think you should try. If you’re visiting more areas in the country, I recommend having a read of my list of things to do in Spain.

1) Puento Nuevo

Easily one of the most picturesque and well-known shots of Spain has to be the gorge with the 18th century bridge stretching across the rock edges. The 120 metre drop makes it quite a scary vision when up there, however a dream snap from the bottom.

The sad history behind this bridge is that the dangerous landscape which was worked on meant that over 50 people lost their lives in the construction of this bridgeway.


2) Plaza De Toros Bullring

Let me start by saying I HATE the bullfighting and all associated acts they have in Spain. I think it is disgusting and I can’t wait for them to get rid of it. Removing that from the equation, this actual building is a stunning landmark, built completely from local quarried stone, holding 5,000 people. Don’t go for the sport, certainly don’t watch anything, but get some pics of the building.


3) Nuestra Senora De La Merced

Yep, that is a mouthful! This is a very small church which holds quite an interesting piece. The encased hand of Saint Teresa of Avila is based in this building, which is a bit tourist attraction, which is also believed to bring luck. In fact, Francisco Franco, the Spanish dictator would often share his bed with the hand…Not weird at all!


4) Have A Coffee In The Plaza Duquesa De Parcent

Soon as I see Plaza, I straight away think ‘time to find a coffee’. Well this is beautiful setting for a relaxing break after walking around town. You can soak in the sun, with a churreria dana and look through all your photos as well as taking many more alongside the Santa Maria del Mayor church.


5) Local Wine Tasting

I never used to really like wine, then I visited a winery in Argentina and everything changed, as I sipped on incredibly expensive bottles of red and white with the grape vineyards in the background and the sun on my face. Well Ronda is surrounded by beautiful vineyards and a large amount of them offer wine tasting opportunities. You can normally find out more details from your hotel about the best ones to try.


6) Banos Arabes – Arab Baths

Built near the end of the 13th century, they are in a surprisingly good condition, being the most well preserved in Spain. They also offer an interesting image into how the country was in Islamic times. The rooms were split based on temperature. A hot room to sweat and clear the system, a medium temperature room which was used for massages and then a cold room to cool down after a long session being heated.


7) Spot The Wildlife

Most of the usual spotting will be in the sky, with falcons, eagles and kestrels being witnessed regularly in the area. The number one spot has to be the Griffon vulture, which has a 9 metre wingspan! If you want to find out more, have a read of my guide on animals in Spain.


8) Casa del Rey Moro

In English, this is the ‘House of the Moorish King’, however it has never actually homed a Moorish king, confusing hey? Annoyingly this mansion isn’t open to tourism, however the gardens are open for visitation, meaning you can get some cool pictures from outside. Besides, the gardens are one of the key attractions, with fountains and a wide array of flowers on display.


9) Afternoon Tea at Hotel Victoria

This wasn’t one originally on my list, however following talks with others who visited the area, I wanted to add this to the list. From what I’ve been told, a number of famous authors have relaxed in the gardens with a cup of tea while they worked on their masterpiece.


10) Have A Drink With The Locals

It would be wrong to visit a new place and not have a drink with the locals. Try either Plaza del Socorro or Plaza Carmen Abela for a cheeky drink in a bar. They also have clubs open till late if you decide to carry on with the night.

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