Packing For Thailand – Just A Couple Of Weeks Left


Considering I’m heading to Thailand in just a couple of weeks, I thought this post was pretty pertinent, partly to help others and partly as a mini to-do list for myself. Oh, if you are heading to South East Asia, have a read of my blog post on the best things to do in Thailand. How much you should bring largely depends on how long you are going for, which brings me on to my first point…


How Long Are You Going For?

It might seem like I’m saying if you’re going for a longer period you need more items, but I am actually saying the opposite. If you are heading for 2 weeks and under then you need a fair amount of items on you as you don’t want to waste time washing clothes on a short break.

On the other hand, if you are heading for a good few months, you can buy clothing items in the markets and can wash your clothes each week (well…2 weeks).

On a long trip, less is more. When properly backpacking, you will lose 60% of your clothes, so don’t bring your favourite tops.


What To Pack For Thailand

  1. Tops
  2. Shorts / skirts
  3. Jeans / trousers
  4. Boxers / knickers
  5. socks
  6. Flip flops
  7. Sun glasses
  8. Swimming costume / Bikini
  9. Camera (if not using your phone) or/and GoPro
  10. Rain jacket
  11. Pen and paper
  12. Deet mosquito spray
  13. Diarrhea tablets
  14. Moisturiser
  15. Ear plugs
  16. Pollen allergy tablets (antihistamine)
  17. Mosquito recovery cream for bites
  18. Repellent wristbands (for those times you run out or forget the mosquito spray)
  19. Shampoo / conditioner
  20. Toothbrush
  21. Toothpaste
  22. Painkillers
  23. Toilet paper (you never know when it will come in use)
  24. Chewing gum (for those times you can’t clean your teeth)
  25. Deodorant
  26. Wet wipes
  27. Sun tan lotion
  28. After sun lotion
  29. Condoms
  30. Locks for your luggage
  31. Shaving equipment
  32. Passport
  33. Slip on comfy shoes
  34. Water bottle with filter system
  35. Slim sweater (warm but not too big for the bag)
  36. Hiking shoes (if you plan on doing some hiking)
  37. Kindle
  38. Mobile phone
  39. Laptop
  40. Music player / MP3 or whatever you are using
  41. Mini torch (normally can get one as a key ring)
  42. Hat (in case it gets cold, great way to warm up)
  43. Any cables you need, such as a phone charger
  44. Universal converter
  45. Nail cutter / file
  46. Hand sanitiser
  47. Medical kit
  48. Glasses (if needed)


Extra Items For Him

Extra Items For Her


Apps For Travelling

Something that I have only started considering in modern times is which apps you will need. These will become incredibly useful, such as translating languages and converting currency, especially with most, if not all, hostels and hotels having free wifi. Below are some of my favourite:


Before You Go

There are a number of things you need to tick off before you even get on a plane or consider packing, such as the below:

Packing cubes – You don’t need this one, but almost every other travel blogger I meet goes on about how much easier they m

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