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My dad was a Leeds fan, so this place was always going to be important to me (even if I did slightly betray him and become a Liverpool fan). I’ve also witnessed my mate getting married at Leeds castle which adds a little further glitter to my memories. Ever played a game of Cluedo? Well this is where it all started. I’m not saying you should walk into someone’s dining room and beat Colonol Mustard with a lead pipe, however it is quite cool to see the local memorabilia, with the game originally called Murder! While much of London took severe damage from the bombings in World War II, Leeds actually came out pretty clean, with not much damage caused at all. This is despite it being one of the main areas for factories producing supplies for the nation. This might be really pulling on history, but go back to 1884 and in the Leeds Kirkgate Market we saw the first ever Marks and Spencers, started by Michael Marks. Now it is the home to wealthy people doing a spot of shopping or picking up some clothing for an aunt, a far cry from its original market background. Leeds United is one of the biggest pulls to the city, but did you know the club were the first in the world to produce replica shirts for fans back in 1975. This might not be on everyone’s bucket list, but it is certainly one of the best places you can visit in the UK.