Planning your family holiday on a budget can seem like a big challenge. It’s difficult to say no when the kids want a treat or to go to an expensive theme park. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice things when you are enjoying a holiday you have spent the last year saving up for. It is possible to have a family holiday to remember, even if you are counting the pennies. You just need to know a few handy tips and tricks to help you save where it counts, so you can spend money on doing the things you love.


  1. Kids Go Free

Keep your eyes peeled for travel companies offering free kids places. You can even take advantage of kids go free deals during peak times such as half term. The government want families to take their kids away in the school holidays not during term time, so travel companies are encouraged to do deals during these times. You might have to be flexible on your choice of destination as these deals are only available in specific places.


  1. All-inclusive

Swap the stress of self catering for a hassle free all-inclusive break. You won’t have to arrange food for the entire family and you will probably end up saving a lot of money. Three meals a day plus snacks can really add up, especially if you have a big family to feed. It also allows you to set a budget and stick to it and you know how much you have to pay. Going self-catering can often result in you having to spend more than you hoped while you are away.


  1. Pay Monthly

There are some travel companies that give you the option of paying for your holiday by monthly installments. With all your monthly bills, paying a large sum of money for a holiday can be difficult. This payment method allows you to agree how much you want to pay each month, so you can save money over time. You might have to pay small deposit per person but that’s nothing compared to paying everything in one go.


  1. Double Up

Spread the cost of your accommodation by teaming up with another family. Your kids will have some friends to play with and keep them entertained and you will save money on your accommodation. Hire out some apartments or a villa abroad that has enough space for everyone. You don’t have to do this every year, but if you haven’t tried it before it is definitely worth trying. You might also enjoy having another couple to socialise with when the kids have all gone to bed.


  1. Choose Low Cost Destinations

Avoid going for the obvious destinations as they tend to be expensive, especially during half term. Swap your usual holiday destination for a similar alternative. The kids will benefit from experiencing something new and exploring a different country. Try and find the hidden gems and up and coming destinations and book your holiday before they become too popular. Children don’t need to enjoy a luxury tropical destination, they just want somewhere with lots of fun activities.


  1. Plan Cheap Activities

Before you go away spend some time thinking about the activities you could do on holiday. Are there any free or low cost alternatives? Kids love to play sports and games so check to see if your hotel has an activity programme, it will save you spending money on expensive attractions. If you do want to visit the local wildlife park or theme park then consider booking your tickets in advance, rather than turning up on the day. Beach destinations tend to have low cost water sport options such as hiring pedalos or canoes, which will provide hours of fun.


  1. School Holidays in Your Destination

Check to see when the school holidays are in your chosen holiday destination, as prices may be a lot more expensive during these periods. This is the case for France for example, so avoid these dates where possible. You will also avoid the crowds and busy traffic by going at a slightly quieter time.


  1. Bring Equipment

If you have any fishing nets, body boards, buckets and spades or anything that the kids might want to play with then bring it with you. Spending money on the toys and games children want to play on holiday can really add up. Re-use your equipment from previous holidays.


  1. Take Advantage of Online Deals

Do your research when it comes to booking your holiday online. Shop around for the best deals with the travel companies you trust the most. Sign up for email alerts so that you get the best deals in your inbox. Check voucher sites to see if they have any offers, they often do special family deals.


  1. Buy Products Before You Go

Turning up at your holiday resort and realising you don’t have sunscreen, shampoo or after sun if frustrating. Shops and supermarkets in well known tourist destinations tend to make these items really expensive because they know we are reliant on them. Stock up on all your beauty and skincare essentials before you go. If you don’t have room in your suitcase they you can also buy some essentials at the airport.

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