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You should have a full read of my list of things to do in Zante. The most southern island of the Ionion (you have no idea how many times that autocorrected to ‘onion’), Zante has a mixed tourist group, combing the clubbers and party animals, the beach seekers, the family goers and generally anyone that wants to see a picturesque location. Shipwreck beach is certainly one of the biggest attractions, gathering thousands of people every year to Greece. If you are trying to avoid the wild drunken crowds then you might want to stay clear of Laganas. While there are only 35,000 residents here (at the time of writing), it is recognised as having one of the fastest growing populations in Greece, therefore this is a place that might look very different in the next decade. Considering the local crops include raisins, olives and olive oil, wine, melons and strawberries, you can certainly expect some great locally sourced food at your restaurants. Considering the heavy usage of olives in their dishes, you can get it from farm to table in a number of the restaurants dotted about. One day I will also learn why it is called both Zante and Zakynthos, or if I have got that all wrong!