Having a kip

Technically, it is illegal for any person who is intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs to be boarded onto a public carrier flight. It is also illegal while on board a public flight (a confusing rule as they’re the ones selling the alcohol). With that in mind, there is a very soft line between drunk beyond belief and sipping a few sherries. I would therefore recommend you keep it calm, especially as the drink prices are ridiculously high.

If you do decide to drink while on a plane, MAKE SURE YOU SIT ON THE AISLE, because there is nothing worse than having to move everyone every time you need the toilet. I have the bladder of a fish (I presume fish have small bladders…don’t quote me on that), therefore it is embarrassing even without alcohol in the system.

If you get a bit too drunk, the pilot will land the plane and the fine is extremely high, therefore I really wouldn’t recommend drinking too much. Alternatively, you may think you’ve gotten away with it if they don’t land the plane, however quite often they will arrest you the moment the plane lands.


Myth Buster: Drinking on a plane DOESN’T get you more drunk than drinking on land. The blood alcohol levels do not change based on whether you are on land or in the air. The misconception actually comes from hypoxia, what you feel when flying due to lower oxygen levels and high altitude. Also, with not much else to do, research shows you are more likely to drink quicker on a plane.

Written by | tombourlet

Tom Bourlet is the creator of Spaghetti Traveller and has been addicted to travelling ever since taking a roadtrip across the USA.

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