#letshelpthomas – How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100

As a bit of a YouTube addict, I came across this video just 10 minutes ago, but I had to write something up, to help share this beautiful story and to increase the donations for the cause.

JoshPalerLin is a YouTube channel with over 680,000 subscribers, however this is potentially their most successful video they have ever made, for multiple reasons. The plan was Josh was going to walk up to a homeless man and offer him $100 to see what he does with the money. Thomas, the homeless man, almost begins to cry when he receives the money. Once he has got over the shock, he makes his way over to a liquor shop (or a shop where you can buy alcohol from, for my UK based mates).

We all make the stereotype here that Thomas was going to top up on some cheap cider and some fags and have himself an amazing night, further diminishing the potential for him to turn his life around. However it is hard not to be incredibly touched when the reality sinks in that he buys food to hand out to other homeless people.

A large amount of homeless people in Brighton have a collection perspective and are always looking out for each other, while we as a society forget about them. We dehumanise them and treat them like ‘lower creatures’, however it takes a moment like this to really highlight the true reality of the disastrous situation many of the people are in.

Not everyone on the street is homeless because they are lazy or take drugs, a large amount of people are homeless due to circumstance or a poor upbringing, conditions which they didn’t have a choice over. It should also be highlighted that even if they are on the streets due to alcohol or drug addiction, you can be sure they didn’t start out wanting to get this deep. They might have been the main reason for why they are out there, but that doesn’t mean we should forget and ignore them, we should help them to get a second chance at life, or at least provide them with enough money to stay warm and eat comfortably.

The temperatures are set to drop over the winter months and I have no doubt there will be an increase in the amount of people passing away this winter, so try to help out someone holding a Big Issue magazine or someone who looks cold and homeless. Donate to a charity or even ask for it from a relative as a Christmas present.

For anyone interested in helping to support Thomas, here is the donation page: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-thomas-to-get-a-fresh-start

They have reached the $10,000 mark and are well on their way!


  1. Bryan Jones January 4, 2015 at 10:37 am

    Further strengthens my belief that there is a seam of goodness in everybody. An inspiring story.


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